About AMG

Allwater Marine Group has been committed to providing the highest level of client satisfaction consultation within the Marine industry. Since October 2012 we have helped companies excel and improve their operations.

Utilizing over 50 years of combined maritime experience in maritime operations, requirement development, program management, acquisitions, petroleum delivery and marine products and marketing, the leadership team of Allwater Marine Group will always work to make sure our clients receive world class service and support.

Founder’s Biography

Joseph Abeyta is a 22 year veteran of the US Coast Guard and President of Allwater Marine Group. He has served in various leadership positions at some of the Coast Guard’s most challenging areas.

Whether he was leading units in Cape Hatteras North Carolina, aka the Graveyard of the Atlantic or working alongside DEA agents combating the illicit flow of narcotics and alien migrants, or as Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, one of the Coast Guard’s Largest and busiest counter narcotics and Search and Rescue units, he can easily leverage his operational experience to ensure military and law enforcement clients and their suppliers have a full understanding of the most demanding requirements.

Additionally, he brings a wealth of government contracting, training and program management experience while he was responsible for a fleet of over 400 Coast Guard boats assigned to cutters operating in the most demanding maritime climates. He has also worked alongside US Customs and Border Protection and Miami-Dade Marine units assisting with developing new vessels and bringing those vessels to operational use.

Joseph Abeyta


24 year Veteran of the United States Coast Guard